Bugs Be Gone Garden
Bugs Be Gone Garden
Bugs Be Gone Garden
Bugs Be Gone Garden

Bugs Be Gone Garden

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Attracting predatory bugs and driving away the harmful ones, this collection of flowers and herbs will not only beautify your garden with colorful flowers, it will help you grow beautiful organic vegetables without chemicals!

Each collection includes a packet of the following:

  • Basil, Genovese - to repel mosquitos and deter potato beetles
  • Borage - to repel tomato hornworms and deter squash bugs
  • Calendula, Pacific Beauty - to deter cabbage moths and aphids
  • Chives - to deter aphids and Japanese beetles
  • Cilantro - to attract hoverflies
  • Dill, Bouquet - helps cabbage family and attracts beneficial insects
  • French Breakfast Radish - to deter cabbage beetles
  • Marigold, African Crackerjack - to repel cabbage moths, potato beetles and squash bugs
  • Marigold, Sparky Mix - because you can't get enough marigolds in your garden, and these cuties are fun!
  • Nasturtium, Jewel Mix - to repel aphids, potato bugs and squash bugs, but also to attract a lot of bugs away from your other vegetables
  • Oregano - to deter a wide variety of insects
  • Parsley, Flat Leaf - to attract hoverflies
  • Rosemary - to repel bean beetles, cabbage moths and carrot flies
  • Sage - to deter cabbage moths and carrot flies
  • Sunflower, Autumn Beauty - to attract bug eating birds
  • Sunflower, Lemon Queen - because sunflowers are beautiful and fun
  • Thyme - to deter cabbage moths
  • Zinnia, PomPon Cut and Come Again - to attract Japanese beetles away from your beans
  • Alyssum
  • Pentunia, Dwarf Mix

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