Rules & Guidelines for Monthly Photo Contest

Rules & Guidelines:

Step 1: Take your garden photographs from the month of THE CONTEST ONLY. Please be sure they are high quality images, in focus, etc.

Step 2: Choose your best photo, ONE PHOTO ONLY AND SEND to The Online Garden Center Page by THE FINAL DAY OF THE MONTH.

Step 3: When you send the pic, please be sure to add a photo title (the more imaginative the better) and a plant name & variety if applicable.

Step 4: TOGC team will comb through all of your great shots, select the best pics and create an album on our Page. Due to the high numbers of entries we receive we will emit certain photos. 

Step 5; Please tag yourself on the photo or comment below it as soon as the album is posted as sometimes we cannot tag you. 

Step 6: From this shortlist people can vote for their favorite photo of the month. We actively encourage you to share the album with friends & groups to receive likes.

Step 7; To give everybody a fair chance of winning, we would kindly ask all the participants and their friends to share the whole album, not just their own photograph.

Step 8: The 5 photos with the most votes on a pre-decided date will go into a shortlist as well as 2 wildcards of our choosing. TOGC Jury will select the winner from this shortlist. 

Step 9; The top Photo will win a prize of our choosing and their photo will become TOGC Facebook Photo of the Month.


Terms & conditions:


  • Entrants must have Liked our Facebook Page.
  • Only open to entrants from the US,UK,Ireland,Australia, New Zealand & Canada
  • Photos must be “Gardening related” for example; Before & After Photos, Bonsai, Cactus, DIY Projects, Flowers, Foliage, Garden Animals, Gardeners, Hydroponics, Landscaped Areas, Patio, Potted Plants, Pottery, Succulents, Trees, Vegetable Gardening, Yard, etc.
  • The higher the resolution of the photo, the better!
  • Small, low-resolution, or blurry images may be disqualified.
  • You must own the copyright to the photo.
  • Original photo files only (no screenshots).
  • By submitting the photo to the contest, you grant The Online Garden Center permission to display or distribute the photo on our website, blog, social networks, printed material, etc., without compensation for our usage.